Email, Text, and Phone Messages

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SchoolMessenger is our automated communications system for general information, announcements, school closings, snow days, and emergency messages. You can set your own delivery preferences for school and district messages in the SchoolMessenger app.

How do I update my contact information? Log in to SIS Parent Portal here.

To update parents' phone numbers and/or email addresses in SIS Portal, select the Update Household Data tile, then click Edit (next to Household Parents). Note: You must click the Save icon after any changes are made to ensure the school district receives the updates.

How do I set my preferences for how I want to be contacted?

Don't want all of your phones to ring at once on a snow day? Tell us how you want to be contacted!

Log in to the SchoolMessenger app, and then click Preferences. Under Contact Preferences, choose the number or numbers you want us to call. Under Message Preferences, you can choose how you want different message types delivered (by phone, text, and/or email). You can also turn all or some of them off.

The preferences you choose will apply to all district messages and messages from your school/building.

How do I opt in to receive text messaging?

SchoolMessenger Opt-In Instructions