Parent and community involvement is an essential component of high student achievement. Volunteers are important to the success of Knob Noster Public Schools, and we appreciate their service to our schools. In order to keep our children safe, all volunteers who might ever be around students without an employee present must be screened.

If you have questions about the volunteer screenings, contact (660) 563-3186.


  • If a volunteer will be alone with students in order to facilitate smaller groups on a field trip or in the school, that volunteer must be screened.
  • If an unscreened volunteer will be on a field trip, that volunteer must stay with a district employee.
  • Sitting with a student outside the classroom is unsupervised volunteering, even though staff members might walk through regularly. These volunteers must be screened.
  • Unless the volunteer who works with students will stay with an employee at all times, the volunteer must be screened.
  • Screened volunteers may not supervise unscreened volunteers. Unscreened volunteers must stay with a district employee.
  • District employees have the right to refuse the services from any volunteer.


  1. The screening forms are available on this page in the Volunteer Handbook.
  2. The volunteer will fill out a screening form for us to submit for a request for child abuse or criminal neglect records from the Missouri Department of Social Services.
  3. The volunteer will sign a form indicating that he or she agrees to all our volunteer rules and agrees to be rescreened every three years.
  4. The school will send the forms to the district office.
  5. The district office will submit the request for child abuse or criminal neglect records to the Missouri Department of Social Services and check to make sure the volunteer is not on the sex offender registry.

If the volunteer or a building staff member is uncomfortable submitting the screening form, which includes the volunteer's social security number, through the district interoffice mail, the volunteer may bring the form to the district office and turn it in directly to the district office. We will always keep all forms in a secure location.

Volunteer Handbook