School Year Calendar

The school district experienced an elevated number of closures this school year due to COVID/Flu. This year, the state allowed districts to utilize Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) for school closures. Knob Noster Public Schools utilized this option for all weather-related closures, which eliminated the need to make up those days.
The district did not utilize AMI for the health-related closures due to inability to properly staff programs at that time. Accordingly, the district has made the following modifications to the school calendar to make up lost time that is required to meet state guidelines:

  1. Students will be in session on Monday, April 18 for a full day.
  2. Wednesday, May 25 will now become a regular Wednesday, with dismissal at 2:00.
  3. Thursday, May 26 will  now become the last day of school, with dismissal at 1:00.
    21-2 KN School Year Calendar


Printable 2022-2023 Official BOE Approved School Year Calendar
Printable 2021-2022 Official BOE Approved School Year Calendar
Printable 2020-2021 Official BOE Approved School Year Calendar

The Knob Noster Board of Education approves the academic calendar based on the recommendation of the District Calendar Committee and superintendent. If the district cancels school for snow days or for other unforeseen reasons, those days are made up as described within the calendar. 

Who determines what the calendar looks like?

The Board of Education votes to approve the calendar based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and the District Calendar committee. The committee includes teachers, support staff, and administrators.

When does the final decision on the school calendar take place?

The District Calendar Committee begins meeting in the fall. The committee usually makes a recommendation to the Board in March, and the Board usually makes its final decision in April.

What are the Calendar Committee's top priorities for developing the calendar?

The Calendar Committee makes its decision with four main priorities in mind:
  1. The calendar should support instruction and assessment for students;
  2. The calendar should reflect the desires of parents and the community; and
  3. The calendar should be friendly to families.
  4. The calendar should represent the interests of Knob Noster employees.