Knob Noster Public Schools is committed to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining high-quality leaders across all employee segments to ensure we fulfill our mission to provide an outstanding education for every student, every day!

Providing a personalized professional development program and a caring, compassionate and innovative working environment for all employees are objectives across all district buildings and departments.  

The Knob Noster Board of Education and administration regularly review compensation and benefits across an identified cohort of 16 competitor school districts in order to ensure competitive compensation packages are provided to all employee segments.  The Board is committed to providing a quality benefits package and recognizes the role this plays in employee recruitment and retention.

Currently, the Board provides a 100% Board paid health benefits package, a 100% Board paid dental plan, and a 100% Board paid life policy.  In addition, our plans allow eligible employees to tailor benefits to meet personal and family needs. Several options are available so employees can determine the coverage and control the level of benefits for themselves and their family.