School Bus Information

20-21 Transportation Team 

Pictured:  Katie Huntsman, Charlie Bohn, Dean Buzzanga, Peggy Buzzanga, Gregg Gangemella, Roy Grella, Desiree Michael, Robin Norris, Rich Ricard, Kane Rowbotham, Scott Sader, Charles Sappington, Ray Stockdale, Frank Williams, Shawn Zink.
Not pictured:  Dave Callaway, Michael Cohron, Steve Hunter, Ben Jackson, Todd Misenhelter, David Robinson, Mark Talley

Knob Noster Public Schools provides our own school bus services. Our transportation team arrives daily in your neighborhoods prepared to deliver your children to and from school with a sustained focus on safety, service, and efficiency for your family. Safety is our first priority and we ask for your partnership in enhancing safety. Below are a few safety tips, and we request that you review these tips with your children so they will be prepared for school.

School Bus Safety Tips

Bus routes for the school year can be found in the list below. Slight modifications to routes may occur at the beginning of the school year and throughout the year due to new enrollments. Those changes will be reflected on this page, along with other important information.

Transportation services for your child will be coordinated through the office where your student attends school. If you have bus concerns or questions, such as routing, discipline, or stop locations and times, please contact your child's school office. If you are unable to reach your child's school, you may call the district transportation office at (660) 563-3186 ext. 2601 so that we may respond to your needs.

School Bus Image

2021 Summer School Bus Routes

Driver's Ed Bus
Bus 1 - Whiteman Elementary Only

Bus 4 - Early Childhood
Bus 8 - Rural - Whiteman Villages/Northeast of Knob Noster
Bus 10/18 - Deerbrook/Angus Lane/West of Knob Noster

Bus 13 - Whiteman Elementary/Whiteman AFB to KN/Knob Noster Monroe/Lucas
Bus 14 - Rural - South/Southeast of Knob Noster
Bus 15 - Rural - Northwest of Knob Noster & West of 23 Hwy
Bus 16 - MS/HS Whiteman AFB to Knob Noster & Knob Noster South of McPherson
Bus 20 - Knob Noster North of Irish Lane/Smith Parkway

Families should allow +/- 5 minutes for pick-up times listed on routes.

Stop Change Request

Please note that stops will not be changed for requests related to walking distance, visibility of stop from residence or absence of sidewalks.

Click the following link to submit your request: Stop Change Form